Some job

Working with mental ray

I know there are some ugly details, but I tried to work it faster as I can. One day per picture.

[WIP] Golfech Nuclear Power plant

I manage to make a map for Enemy Territory Quake Wars (maybe too old but still fun to play).
here are some screenshots

With my own models and textures.

Peak monastery

Hello, these time, I decided to release some of my levels.
This map is a remake from the famous peak monastery in Unreal Tournament (the first one).
I just updated the design on Q3A
I Hope you’ll have a good time there.


Mage concept

Some realtime news

I work for several weeks on a new project. making a realistic render into unity3d by using lightmaps from 3dsmax mr render.

It’s a first sketch and it needs more détails.

All comments are welcome.

Viking Project Artwork

Artwork set 0 from Viking Project

Viking – lightmap baking !!!

Engine : UNITY

-Lightmap baking on first level
-Main character posing
-First enemy posing.


This is a picture of one project which started for several months. A project made by Loïc Teixeira and me. We call it viking for the moment, we don’t know where are we going but we take pleasure to make it !

I’m starting using the lightmap baking of unity to improve the level lighting





Winter_sundown WIP

Working on an old work, just “trying” to involve the render.


WIP : Mental ray render

Working with mental ray & 3dsmax.
trying to improve my render skills